Tired of not getting the call back to that job?

It's not you, it's your CV.

Make sure your job application STANDS-OUT and gets seen by exactly the right people. Learn the proven techniques to land the job interview—every time you click submit.

When Your CV is POWERFUL, Your Career will Skyrocket.

When Your CV is WEAK, You're Left Wondering If You're EVEN Qualified.

Imagine this...

You head to work on Monday like everything is normal. After the weekly meeting... Your manager pulls you into their office.

You get told this is your last month in your position. 

You have been wanting to move on regardless. You stopped learning a long time ago. And you know you were just comfortable on the job. 

But finding your next position is now urgent. You can't go for very long without a regular salary. 

Where do you begin? 

You go to the job boards, find new job openings, and start applying. But you know competition is out there. 

Think about it for a moment. 

You find your dream job... in a top UN or NGO organization. A job title you would give anything to get. And because your project is ending, you need to get it fast.

Now imagine the director for that organization agrees to look at your CV.

But you know the director will only spend 10 seconds of their time to see whether you should be invited to the interview or not.

Be 100% honest with yourself: Would your CV stand-out? Would the director remember you?

Would your CV get you invited to the interview? 

Fast forward a year later - and you've now been in a position paying you what you are worth, with a stable organization and regular learning opportunities. 

You are now in a place in your career where you can do your best work - and make your lasting impact. 

How did you get there? It all started with a Powerful CV Tailored to tell your story for that specific position.

When Your CV is WORLD-CLASS, Opportunities come to YOU.

Hi, I'm Chris Kuonqui, founder of Impact Growth Lab. 

My experience ranges from designing data-driven policies and programmes, to delivering capacity building and training initiatives, and contributing to reporting to the UN Security Council.

I've been fortunate to work in 26 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America with 4 UN agencies, 2 multilateral development banks, and 1 big international NGO, including these international organizations:

A few years ago I left a director-level position with the United Nations. I got the appointment when I was just 33 years old—and decades younger than most who reach this level.

But before I could reach the director level, I applied to all kinds of jobs and organizations...  

...and got rejected over and over.  

After completing a Master's degree from Columbia University, one of the world's leading schools for international affairs, I couldn't get a job.  

I found job titles that I would drool over. I would read the qualifications and feel that I ticked each one of them off. Then I would submit my applications... then wait. And wait some more.  

Only to never hear back.  

I would glue my eyes to my email inbox and keep hitting refresh. Did they even get my application?  

Now, I was DEFINITELY qualified. 

  • MA degree? Check. 
  • 2-3 years of relevant experience? Yes. 
  • Foreign languages? Yes and yes!  

But still, I wasn't getting any invitations to the interview.  

This happened to me more times than I want to admit. In one year, I applied to over 50 jobs and heard back nothing.  

So what was wrong?  

After months of this, I decided to decode how to write a tailored CV and job application.  

I read every CV book I could get my hands on. I consulted with experts. I fine-tuned my CV for hours and hours.  

What I learned is this...  

There is a HUGE difference between being qualified—and SHOWING them I was qualified.  

Once I gained this insight, everything changed.  

I got a job offer.  

Then another.  

On one day, I got two offers—I didn't even know which one to take!  

A rejection-proof CV that tells your best story can open up a new world of opportunities for you, your family and community. 

So what can you do differently to make sure your application stands out? How do you guarantee your applications will get read?

This is where Impact CV Bootcamp comes in. 

Through this program, I give you the tools to build a promotion-ready CV that hiring managers and professionals in our sector can't help but get excited about (even if they're not seriously looking). 

You will have a top quality, international CV that shows exactly why you should be invited you to the interview.

Impact CV Bootcamp

Get the confidence to skyrocket your career  

The only CV program in the world tailored to high performing international development and humanitarian sector professionals. 

This online course won’t just teach you what top development CVs look like, it will show you step-by-step how to build your very own job-worthy application. 

I deconstruct the process of building a power CV that attracts professionals in global development, and share with you inside practices built over nearly 20 years working with the United Nations system, CARE, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and more. 

Get ready to build a CV that will get you the job you've been looking for.  

Impact CV Bootcamp: Inside Secrets on What Recruiters Want

Know EXACTLY what recruiters are looking for 

Be 100% confident you are putting your best foot forward 

Excite and amaze recruiters with your Hero Story 

See first hand what top performer CVs look like 

Learn a bulletproof technique to tailor your CV to EVERY job in minutes (not spending hours!)  

Over 14 core lessons and 2 hours of material, create a CV that wins you the interview with: 

Inside Secrets on How Hiring REALLY Works

In 17 years on the inside of UN and NGO recruitments, I've interviewed over 100 candidates & read 1000s of applications. I share the inside secrets of what we really think.

Leverage Your Expertise

Different jobs have different needs. We show you how to find the best story to share from your individual background. 

CV Editing Tutorial 

Be without doubt that you've prepared the best CV to land the job.

CV Content that Stands-Out

Know exactly what to include - and not to include - in your CV that makes you jump off the page as a top candidate.


No matter the job title, you need to demonstrate how you lead others. I show you how.

10 Proven Templates

See what top CVs look like - across levels, organizations and sectors. 

Your Key Qualifications Tailored

This is the MAIN section in your CV that matters - make it count.

Extra-Curriculars & Publications 

Make sure your CV details help you stand-out from the crowd in an easy-to-read format.

See first-hand what top performer CVs look like

See how these principles work in practice on real CVs.

I cracked the code to powerful CVs FOR you (so you don't have to) 

In Impact CV Bootcamp, I have reviewed all the best material in the world to bring you PROVEN lessons in what works—and what does NOT work in winning the global development sector's top positions. 

I'm talking about the types of jobs where you can make your best impact, travel the world and get paid well-enough that you don't ever have to worry again about making bills—and free you to live the lifestyle you dreamt of when you entered the sector.

I break down the exact techniques I use to win jobs over a 17+ year career. 

But these don't only work for me.

I've served professionally as a CV Writer and adviser to dozens of clients, who regulaly write me to share news about the new, exciting jobs they get - based on implementing the strategies I include in Impact CV Bootcamp.

Here's what you get inside Impact CV Bootcamp:

Module 1: Secrets of the Development Application Review Process

Learn exactly what hiring managers are looking for—and how to use your CV as a tool to persuade them to take the ACTION YOU want: to invite you to the interview.

Module 2: Your CV

See step-by-step what to include and NOT include in your CV, what a high performing CV structure looks like, and techniques to be 100% confident in your CV formatting.

Module 3: Your Story

Your CV speaks for you—until you get the chance to do so. You better be sure it tells your very best story. 

I show you how to deconstruct and reconstruct Power Headlines, your Hero Story and Proven Tools to capture the attention of hiring managers.

Module 4: Adapt to Development Organization Styles

The development sector holds hundreds of different organizations, from donors to governments, multilateral institutions to local civil society organizations. I teach you a simple yet strategic process to TAILOR your CV to each and every job, team and organization in minutes (rather than spending HOURS on each job application). 

What's more, I give your exact examples of what proven strategies work and don't work—so you don't have to do any guesswork.

Module 5: CV Do's, Don'ts and Best Practice Techniques

When hiring managers and interview panels sit down to review your CV, they know in 10 seconds or less whether you will get invited to the interview—or NOT.

I show you top mistakes to avoid that 99.9% of job applications make. And give you a tutorial in how to edit every line in your CV to make sure you STAND-OUT from your competition.

Get 10 Proven CV Templates - like NOTHING available anywhere else.

I've read decades of advice on how to apply to top development sector jobs. 

I've chatted with hundreds of colleagues and friends all over the world about the thing we care about most: how to make a better impact, while making a better living.

I've reviewed thousand of job applications to hire new team members and staff I managed in several development organizations.

I then worked with dozens of professionals as a professional CV Writer to give them hands-on advice to guarantee they land the positions where they can make a difference, for the teams they work on, the communities they serve, and for their own family.

After all of this, I've taken 10 of the VERY BEST CVs I have helped professionals develop. 

CVs proven to win TOP positions in the sector at organizations they didn't have the confidence to apply to before. Or organizations that rejected them time and again -- until they worked with me.

In Impact CV Bootcamp, I give you direct access to download these 10 CVs to get you started - like nothing available before.

How Impact CV Bootcamp works

Impact CV Bootcamp is a fully online course - you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Have a quick look inside the full program to see what you get:

Plus, when you enroll TODAY, unlock access to...

BONUS 1: Access 1 hour of pre-recorded Q&As (Value of $49 by itself!)

Get answers to ALL your common questions that keep you wondering what to do next. 

  • Are positions earmarked for someone else? 
  • How do you present your CV to transition from the private sector? 
  • What should you include on your P-11? 
  • How on earth do you draft a cover letter to 1,000 characters or less (and still get the interview)?
  • What do you do if you don't have any experience yet?

All these and more! Save months of looking and guessing on how to approach these and other common concerns.

BONUS 2: Two LIVE free Q&A Group Coaching Calls with me - ask me anything you want (Value: $149)

Ask me anything you want - on two LIVE Question & Answer Group Coaching Calls directly with me. We'll understand what's getting in your way - and give you a direct plan to breakthrough to reach your career goals. 

After speaking with me directly, clients have learned exactly what they need to do next - and gone on to immediately be invited to interviews implementing my advice.

BONUS 3: Access FIVE Power CV Breakdown recordings (Value: $39 - yours FREE)

My students consistently share: they learn just as much about CVs from watching me breakdown CVs - and build them back up - as they do from the core material in Bootcamp. 

In these 5 CV Teardowns, I evaluate line-by-line what works and is not working -- giving you a wealth of insight to either bring new ideas into your own Power CV, or know exactly what NOT to do.

BONUS 4: Cover Letter template (Value: $29 - yours FREE)

In Impact CV Bootcamp, I also cover the essentials of a powerful Cover Letter in the global development sector. And just so you see an exact Cover Letter that landed one of my clients the interview for a P-5 position with the UN system, I've gone ahead and added it as a bonus - ready for you to access when you enroll in the program today!

What our students say...

"I have personally benefited from Chris's expert review of my CV, among other areas and I attest that I have been called for several interviews after revising my CV based on his guidance. I therefore unreservedly recommend him for, among others areas, professional CV review."  

- Dan, Kenya

 "I received a shortlist for this position (with the CV which was a work in progress, before you reviewed it but still following your template) for Senior Urban Specialist, ADB. I am absolutely stoked about it. ADB is my dream job, and I am so excited about this shortlist. I know this is only my first application, but I am beyond ecstatic!"

- Shivani, India

"What makes an application stand out with a lot of competition is a difficult question. It often feels like a blackhole. How do you market yourself? What looks impressive? This program helped me answer these questions." 

- Emily, USA

"I was particularly impressed with the personalized service as well as getting more information into my career background to enable the team come up with a very comprehensive CV. Others in the market usually just change the wording and format."

- Salome, Kenya

"Impact Growth Lab is meticulous in the process of transforming one’s CV to highlight their potential for the International Development job market."

- Sam, Ghana

"Thank you so much for this feedback I learned more in 1 hour than I did in a month of research."

- Jawad, Morocco

"I wrote my CV on my own and after a few “interviewless” submissions I started thinking about getting someone else's perspective on it. I emailed my CV to a couple of friends, who were generous with their time and gave me great feedback. However, I felt it still wasn't honest enough, no fault of their own probably afraid to hurt my feelings. IGL was the first professional services I used to handle my CV and it differs because since it is a paid service the expectation is that the feedback will be raw and honest, and it was. It was not painful but honest enough to help me understand where I was missing out. My goal was to have a CV that would allow me to transition from public service field and make it more appealing to international NGOs. Chris' extensive experience in this area was extremely important to make this happen."

- Maysa, Mozambique

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

This course is 100% online, with 2 hours of core training where I teach you the secrets to a job-winning CV. You also get 2 hours in bonus materials, answering your key questions about CVs and case studies where I've workshopped top CVs to show what works and what doesn't. All specifically personalized to support your career growth at a top development organization.

What kind of results can I expect?

100% of our students feel 10x more confident in their job applications after working with us. My clients have received interviews and job offers at the World Bank, UNDP, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Asian Development Bank, Save the Children, World Vision, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and many USAID contractors like Palladium.

How can I make payments?

Payments can be made via PayPal, Stripe, or credit card. If these are unavailable in your country, we can make arrangements for the fees to be transferred via Western Union.  

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course—you decide when you start and when you finish.  

How long do I have access to the course?  

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like—across any and all devices you own.  

Will this course work if I am just graduating from university or transitioning from the private sector?  

Yes! My material focuses on making YOU the best international development professional you can be. I build everything around key techniques that give you insight into the sector—to give YOU the skill to know exactly what to do to make a powerful job application. 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Because I strongly believe in this program and the results it can bring you, I’m backing it up with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Show me you have gone through all the videos and material, reworked your CV based on the Bootcamp, and if you are not satisfied, you will get a 100% refund.

Make one decision today - that can change your career forever

You can keep sending your current, difficult to read CV out to organization after organization. Some may respond. Most won't. 

You can keep beating your head against the wall, wondering why they don't call back. You can blame the economy… or the government… or the unfair, broken aid system.  

Or you can take action to learn the insights that secured me job offers at four UN agencies, 2 multilateral banks, and 1 international NGO, and interviews even at top investment banks like Goldman Sachs.  

You can learn how my students used this material to turn their average resumes into power documents that got them interviews — and job offers.

It's easy to think you have nothing to offer. It's easy to create barriers in your own mind, like the fact that you don't stand out… or that you can't quantify your accomplishments… or to wonder why ANYONE would hire you.

But there are simple strategies you can use to take a lifeless resume and turn it into something that communicates the best version of you. And to do so while still being genuine and authentic, without using "keywords."

I want to show you the powerful CV secrets that have gotten not just me, but my students, interviews at organizations they'd only dreamed about. For them… these organizations were unreachable — until they used my material to seize their jobs and change their lives forever.

I've packed this material up to be as affordable and easy-to-use as possible. In just 2 hours of work… for only $49… you can change the direction of your career forever.  

Impact CV Bootcamp: Your Secret Tool to Skyrocket Your Impact Career

Use your CV with confidence. Let me show you how.

Bootcamp Basic

USD 49

  • 14 lessons to skyrocket your job applications success rate
  • Accelerate your time to a new position 
  • Be 100% confident your CV tells your BEST story
  • 10 PROVEN CV templates
  • 360° CV Diagnostic - pre-recorded video walk-through of your CV ($29 value by itself)
  • Personalized 30-minute, 1:1 Impact Breakthrough Session 
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Bootcamp Accelerator

USD 69

  • 14 lessons to skyrocket your job applications success rate
  • Accelerate your time to a new position
  • Be 100% confident your CV tells your BEST story
  • 10 PROVEN CV templates
  • 360° CV Diagnostic - pre-recorded video walk-through of your CV ($29 value by itself)
  • Personalized 30 minute, 1:1 Impact Breakthrough Session
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Bootcamp Advanced 

USD 95

  • 14 lessons to skyrocket your job applications success rate
  • Accelerate your time to a new position
  • Be 100% confident your CV tells your BEST story
  • 10 PROVEN CV templates
  • 360° CV Diagnostic - pre-recorded video walk-through of your CV ($29 value by itself)
  • Personalized 30-minute, 1:1 Impact Breakthrough Session
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